Tracking Your Back Pain with a Daily Journal

Coming to grips with your pain

If you live with chronic back pain, whether this is a recent affliction or a life long struggle, you need to be proactive about taking care of yourself. Too many of us simply ignore the pain until it accumulates into a debilitating episode that takes us out of action. At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, we want to understand more about your pain.

Strategies for overcoming back pain

To create more effective strategies for overcoming back pain and dysfunction, we need to meticulously record our pain. To this end, we recommend that our clients maintain a daily journal of their spinal health. You can start this even before visiting your chiropractor for the first time. Record the location, type of pain, severity and time of day when it occurs. If possible, also keep track of your levels of movement, your diet and your exercise regime; these things may seem unrelated, but they play a central role in chronic back pain. 

Working together to overcome your back pain

Sometimes all it takes us is a conversation to effect powerful changes in the way your spine feels. This conversation can be made all the more effective if we have a first-hand, in-the-moment account of your pain. When combined with diagnostic imaging, postural analysis and a full physical examination, we will paint a comprehensive picture of your spine and what is causing your pain. From here, we can design effective strategies to overcome that pain and its underlying conditions. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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