Take Action to Improve Spinal Health

What are the most important things you can do on a daily basis?

#1: Move more. We live in a sedentary society. Studies show that people who sit for 6+ hours a day have shorter lifespans than those who sit for only 3. Sitting may not be a disease but it certainly contributes to a lot of pain and dysfunction. As practitioners of spinal health, we are able to see the effects of sitting on a daily basis, and they are not pretty! So get up and go! Move for your life.

#2: Be proactive. You know that as you age, you face muscle and bone loss at accelerating rates. So why do you choose to do nothing about this? Slight changes in diet and activity levels help you offset the majority of this negative change.

#3 Be mindful. Take things like posture seriously. Choose to adjust your body position often and always be aware of how your spine feels. If it needs to stretch, stretch; if it needs hydration, hydrate. As humans, we are so good at ignoring the things that make us feel truly well. It’s time to stop ignoring the pleas of help from your spine.

#4 Seek help. Spinal health can be an overwhelmingly large subject to tackle by yourself; even more so when you are in the grips of chronic back pain. Seeking help from a spinal health care specialist ensures that you get the care you need to take care of your condition effectively. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.

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